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    Currently, James Paterek serves as Millbrook Support Services, Inc.'s Chief Strategy Officer, where he oversees the company's medical staffing services for government organizations.

    He is also the CEO of Paterek & Company, which is a private consulting firm specializing in the Human Capital sector, which includes staffing, outsourcing, and consulting firms.


    A large publicly listed employment, outsourcing, and financial services corporation with over 11,000 workers, COMFORCE Corporation was founded and chaired by James L. Paterek. Human Capital Management Services, Staff Augmentation, and Financial Outsourcing Services were three of the company's three main segments.


    SIA named COMFORCE the fastest-growing public staffing business for two consecutive years under James Paterek's leadership. Two years later, COMFORCE went from net revenue of $12 million to $500 million and an operating profit of $245,000 to over $31 million. Organic growth YOY and almost a dozen smart acquisitions fueled the expansion.


    At the private holding investment company he co-founded, James L. Paterek was in charge of the acquisition of $500 million in yearly sales from a portfolio of firms with combined revenues of $300 million.


    James Paterek has vast expertise in purchasing, financing, and integrating businesses, having completed more than twenty-eight acquisitions and raising over $600 million for investment in those firms. In addition to managing public firms, James L. Paterek has a background in raising cash in the financial markets.

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    As Per James Paterek, the most prevalent form of entrepreneurship is the purchase and sale of existing enterprises. Due to the plethora of advantages connected with operating this kind of business, it is highly probable that a considerable proportion of new business launches in the new economy...
    James Paterek described that, placing one together team can be a difficult task, but it is doable if you follow a few simple steps. To begin, you must choose the most qualified candidates for the job. Then you can choose individuals who are a good match for one another. Utilize your intuition,...
    James Paterek has worked with a variety of companies to produce innovative solutions for employee retention concerns and other issues that affect businesses of all sizes. He has developed concepts for companies of all sizes. Because of this, he has developed and implemented a variety of unique...
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